Major/Minor Declaration

Biology Major

You can declare yourself as a Biology major at any time, and there are several advantages to declaring early. Once you are a declared major you are assigned a Biology faculty advisor based your interests at the time of declaration. You can then meet with your faculty advisor to discuss what courses to take and when, how to prepare for graduate school or a future career, or simply to get assistance navigating through the Biology curriculum. Your email is added to an email distribution list for Biology majors so you will begin to receive email notifications of general announcements as well as information about job, internship or research opportunities.

To declare Biology as your major you will need to come into the Biology Department office and complete a Major Declaration Card.

Some important information about the Biology major:

1. Most students start off the Biology major in Phase I (Biology Pre-major), which means that they are in the process of completing the introductory biology and general chemistry courses (Biol 204-206 and Chem 121-123).

2. Admission to Phase II depends on student performance in the general chemistry and introductory biology courses. Students must have achieved an average grade of 2.9 or higher in the introductory biology and general chemistry series in order to be advanced to Phase II and begin taking upper-division coursework. Students who do not meet the GPA requirement have the option to retake ONE of the six Phase I courses (BIOL 204-206 and CHEM 121-123) in an effort to increase their GPA and remain eligible for Phase II. If the student is still unable to meet the 2.9 GPA requirement, s/he will not be admitted into Phase II

3. Once you are in Phase II, you can change your emphasis or request a change of advisor by completing a Change of Major form, available in the Biology Department.

If you have any questions, please contact the Biology Department office by phone (360-650-3627) or come to the office in person (BI 315).

NOTE: During registration declarations will take over a week to process.

Biology Minor

To pursue a Minor in Biology students should declare the minor after the completion of the general chemistry and introductory biology series. We use the same performance standard to determine eligibility for the Biology minor as is used for Phase II eligibility.

Biology minors are allowed registration access to most upper-division courses, and courses taken for the biology minor must represent specialization in biology outside of any major requirements. If the general chemistry and introductory biology series are required for a student’s major, then the required 15 upper-division credits must be unique to the minor and not double-counted for the major and the minor.

Page Updated 02.12.2013