Major Requirements

Undergraduate Biology Brochure

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Bachelor of Science in Biology

These programs allow students to develop a broad field of study or focus in a specific area. Biology students take an array of advanced courses that enable them to build an interest into a strength. The Secondary Teaching Emphasis meets the requirements for Washington state teaching endorsement in Biology. Adding Geol 211 & 212 provides the student with an additional endorsement in General Science.

Bachelors of Science in
Cellular & Molecular Biology

This major focuses on the biochemistry, cell biology, molecular genetics and genomics of prokaryotic and eukaryotic model organisms.

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

This major allows student the flexibility to combine it with another discipline i.e. Art, Computer Science, English, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology. It is also a suitable degree for students interested in going into an allied-health field like nursing.

Interdisciplinary & Combined Degree Programs

Programs that combine coursework from another discipline with Biology.

Minor in Biology

A minor in biology provides students an organized way to take Biology classes that complement their major. Coursework must represent additional specialization in Biology beyond the requirements of a student's major.

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