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2014-2015 Biology Course Schedule

For information about course pre-requisites and major restrictions, view the Spring Quarter 2015 Registration Information.

Biology Department Waitlist Policy

Do NOT contact the biology department, instructors or faculty members regarding your position on the waitlist. Students may view their waitlist position via Web4u. Frequently asked waitlisting questions and instructions are available here.
All Biology courses (except independent study, research, teaching practicum, and graduate-level courses) will be part of Western's automatic waitlist system. The Biology Department does not actively manage waitlists for 100-level, and most 200-level courses. Students who are on a waitlist will be offered seats on a “first in, first out” basis. Given the variability of enrollment needs across courses within our department, we reserve the right to manage course waitlists as summarized below. Application of this policy may change your position on the waitlist without advance notice. It is the student’s responsibility to check their position on a course waitlist in order to make timely registration decisions.

BIOL 204, 205 and 206 – Students (regardless of their major) who have been on the waitlist for the same course for two consecutive quarters will be given priority. Waitlists in these courses will be evaluated during registration and reprioritized without advance notice.

Upper Division (300 and 400) Level Courses – In courses where waitlist management is necessary, prioritization will be done primarily to expedite time to degree completion to accommodate students who are close to graduation. Students who have formally applied for graduation and who require a specific course as part of their degree plan, will be given the highest priority. It is the responsibility of the student to approach the Department as soon as possible for assistance if they are unable to get into a required course as specified on their approved graduation checklist. Additionally, students on the waitlist may be prioritized based on one or more of the following considerations: number of credits completed, declared major/degree requirements, and/or enrollment in the course for the first time.

BIOL 348 – Due to unprecedented enrollment pressure, waitlists for BIOL 348 are heavily managed each quarter and qualified students are prioritized based on number of credits, (proximity to graduation). Further, students who are enrolled in the course but have completed BIOL 348 or its transfer equivalent with a C– or higher may be required to withdraw from the course in order to accommodate students who are enrolling for the first time AND who need the course to satisfy their major requirements.

Failed Prerequisite Policy:

The Biology Department enforces Western’s campus-wide prerequisite policy. Students who are enrolled in a course but have failed to pass the prerequisite course with a C – or higher will be required to withdraw from the course immediately. Students who have failed prerequisites will be notified via email within a week after final grades are posted.

First Day Attendance Policy Enforcement

According to WWU's Class Attendance Policy, "Any student who fails to attend the first meeting of a course may be required to drop it if another student, previously unable to register for the course due to enrollment limitations, seeks admission." The Biology Department will be enforcing this attendance policy for all upper-division courses that have a waitlist on the first day of class.

On the first day of class in all upper-division biology courses the instructor will take attendance (proof of identification may be required). Any student who is on the class roster, but not in attendance on the first day will be sent an e-mail from the instructor notifying him/her that withdrawal from the course is required. Once a student has been asked to withdraw from the course, the seat will be offered to the student at the top of the waitlist.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from attending class on the first day, notification must be sent to the course instructor prior to the first meeting. It is the instructors discretion whether to accept a student's excuse.

Override Requests

The Override Request form (below) is for students who are not biology majors yet would like to be considered for enrollment in an upper-division biology course that is major restricted. Instructor overrides allow a student to register for a course if space is available or add his/her name to the wait list if the course is filled. An instructor override does not guarantee that a student will be able to enroll in the course.

Environmental Science majors are eligible registration for most of our ecology and organismal courses as long a course pre-requisites have been satisfied. All other students wanting to take an upper-division biology course will need to submit an Override Request form to the instructor before registration begins. You must attach a copy of your transcript to the Override Request form for full consideration (directions below).

Biology Department Override Request Form (Web submit)

You can check your student record to see if an override has been issued. Go to Web4U, Student, Registration, Check Your Registration Status.

To Attach a Copy of Your Transcript

Obtain an unofficial copy of your academic history by accessing the Student Menu of Web4U and enter the Student Menu. Select Student Records and then Academic History from the new menu. You can then select, copy, and paste your academic history into a Word document; however, you will need to reduce the font size to 8 pt so that the formatting is restored. Save the Word document (97-2003 Word compatible format) with a filename in the format: Lastname_FirstInitial. After the document has been saved, you can fill out the appropriate electronic form, and in the signature box select the "Attach" button which will open another window allowing you to find and attach your document. Finally, submit the form to the course instructor (e-mail addresses are available on the Biology Faculty web page).

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